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Solar Hurricane-Safe Rooms

In Solar Hurricane-Safe Rooms Life Goes On

First, we have to make one thing very clear. We cannot make a room of your house safe from hurricanes. Nor would we advise you to stay in your home during a hurricane, especially if you have been instructed to evacuate.

So, what's a hurricane-safe room?


More and more Floridians are designating at least one room in their house as "hurricane-safe." It's the room where they will seek shelter from the storm and provision it with food, water, and medical supplies in case they are left without water and/or power after the storm. Chances are, you have already designated a room for such purpose. We can make life in that room for days or even weeks at a time as close to normal as possible.

We can set you up with emergency solar systems to provide electricity, solar hot water, ventilation, and even solar air conditioning in your designated hurricane-safe room.

After the powerful hurricanes of 2004 and 2005, a tropical storm sounds like a trivial affair. But even a tropical storm can knock out your power and water for an extended period of time. If you don't think having at least one room in your house functioning at close to normal is important, ask someone who has gone without power for three weeks just how uncomfortable that can be.

Then, ask us to perform a no-obligation solar assessment of your home and recommend a course of action for normalizing your hurricane-safe room. Ask Solar Sam or call us at

(727) 347-4246.

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