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Solar Pool and Spa Heating

Solar Pool and Spa Heating - Swim Year Round

There's no longer any reason to pay your gas or electric company an outrageous sum to heat your pool. There's also no reason to pay for inefficient solar panels -- they are just another way to waste money.

Solar Pool Heating

Most solar collectors heat with tube-shaped absorbers that look like a radiator.

Typically, only a third of the water comes in contact with the absorber itself. It takes a relatively long time for the water to heat this way. While the water is heating, you can wait patiently or use your gas or electric water heater for a few extra hours every morning. What's the point?

We use only hollow core collectors that allow all the water to flow directly through the solar heated absorber. As a result, your water heats faster and you rely less on your utility company to heat your pool or spa.

To make this point easier to understand, heat two quarts of water on your stove. Put one quart in a single pot on one burner. Divide the other quart into three small pots. Turn on all the burners to the same temperature. You'll see that the small pots of water come to a boil long before the large pot of water. That's the difference between our solar collectors and most of our competitors'. And if it takes so much longer to heat a quart of water, imagine how much longer it takes their solar collectors to heat 10,000 gallons!

Even with the superior performance of our solar collectors, we are able to install them for you at a competitive price because we do the work ourselves instead of sub-contracting it to others.

To find out how inexpensively we can install a solar system for your pool or spa,

Ask Solar Sam or call us at (727) 347-4246.

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