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Design 4 Solar Living

Solar Energy Designs

Like more and more forward thinking people today, you may be wondering how exactly you can best make use of the sun in your home or business.

Solar Designs for Solar Living

We'll show you how Solar Living will work 4 U!

Every solar job is different.

How the building is situated, how much the sun is blocked out by trees and adjacent structures, the size of the building or pool, and even the angle of your roof are factors in determining which solar applications you can best put into practice.

If the structure has not yet been built, we will inspect the site and work with your architect to make sure you make optimal use of the sun. For an existing home, condominium, or office building, we can design a plan that shows you what can be done to make the best use of your building's exposure to the sun.

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Solar Pool and Spa Heating

Solar Pool Heating and Solar Spa Heating

Swim Year Round

There's no longer any reason to pay your gas or electric company an outrageous sum to heat your pool.

Solar Pool Heating

There's also no reason to pay for inefficient solar panels -- they are just another way to waste money.

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Solar Hot Water

Hot, Hot, Hot Water 4 Your Home with Solar Energy Heated Water

The Time is NOW

If you live in a single-family home in Florida and you're spending more than $50.00 per month on hot water, you should switch to an energy-efficient solar water hot water system.

Solar Hot Water

Similarly, any apartment building owner who supplies hot water from a central system should make the move to solar heated water NOW.

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Solar Hurricane-Safe Rooms

In Solar Hurricane-Safe Rooms Life Goes On

First, we have to make one thing very clear. We cannot make a room of your house safe from hurricanes. Nor would we advise you to stay in your home during a hurricane, especially if you have been instructed to evacuate.

So, what's a hurricane-safe room?

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Solar Air Conditioning

Solar Air Conditioning

The Cool Way To Stay Cool

Solar air conditioning is an investment that starts paying you back as soon as its installed. Here are the three most important things to remember about solar air conditioning:

  • It's available NOW
  • It is eligible for federal tax credits NOW
  • The sun's rates never go up EVER

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Solar Electricity and Solar Electric Power

Solar Electricity, or photovoltaic electricty, is electricty that is generated by the sun using photovoltaic (PV) solar cells that create a direct current (DC) voltage.

Several PV solar cells may be connected inside of solar cell modules. These solar cell modules are often wired together to form solar arrays.

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Solar Options

Solar Options 4 U 2 Consider

There are a handful of solar products and services that we recommend, but provide only as optional add-ons for a larger installation. They include:

  • Solar attic ventilation
  • Solatube solar skylights
  • Solar path lighting

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